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Job Doctor Pro can help you as an advisor or a consultant in the projects of ICT and Kaizen. In addition, we can provide business skills on Job Doctor Pro Business Skill Series in business writing, presentation, and business communications. These can be supplied from our experiences in many projects, and we always propose “why” to do them.


Project Advisor and Consultant


As a feature of Job Doctor Pro consulting, we share the process and know-how with the clients’ person in charge while interviewing and preparing for documents on-site. This is the opportunity to transfer knowledge on analysis skills and other know-how on how to create documents, and it will be sure to be an asset to the company.


■ Project introduction planning support
We will support you in starting the system introduction project. As project support, we first identify what kind of problems exist within the organization. Then, we will provide advice and proposals on what type of solution to solve them, how much effect is expected, how much investment is appropriate, etc.

In addition, if necessary, we will conduct on-site interviews and assist in creating proposals. In the case of Japanese organizations, there are many undocumented and invisible things, such as rules that have yet to be written down and customs that have been cultivated over many years. Many of these things belong to individuals, and conducting interviews with multiple members is necessary to confirm the facts individually.


■ Global project communication support
This is the service to support the operation and project communication of international ICT projects consisting of Japanese and foreigners. In addition, we can help the project in situations where English is used, such as creating project proposals and proceeding with project meetings.
More than just translation and interpretation, Job Doctor Pro supports projects with professional business English by utilizing our know-how, such as writing and presentation skills.


■CRM construction and redesign
The interpretation of CRM is based on the customer’s profile information, such as gender and age and the customer’s past purchase history, and combining them into data that can be used in marketing in the form of reporting.
We can advise planning and conception, from the minimum marketing tools suitable for company size and business type to introducing tools such as MA and CDP.




■Weekly Report by “Plan&Review”
The weekly report based on the idea of “plan & review” that we advocate is not for the company or boss but for personal development. Learning to take notes, schedule, and write sentences that contain your determination for the future will lead to success.
Job Doctor Pro offers a “Plan & Review” concept where you look back at the past week and evaluate yourself on your achievements. Based on your evaluation, you will surely be able to make your plans by writing sentences in your weekly report with determination for the future. By writing weekly essays every week, the expression of the information should be improved, and your reporting skill will be enhanced accordingly.
At the seminar, we explain specific writing methods for making plans, practical weekly report formats, and how to operate them in the organization. The international edition (English) was released on Amazon Kindle on August 1st, 2023.


Weekly Report by “Plan&Review”


■Knowledge of Kaizen activities for foreign employees
We will lecture foreign business people residing in Japan on the basic ideas and practical methods of traditional business improvement through a Japanese bottom-up inductive approach, rather than the Western-style top-down approach, while explaining the characteristics of Japanese business customs in English.

■Business skill course for foreign business people in Japan
This business skill course for foreigners living in Japan consists of essential reporting, planning, and other business behaviors practiced in traditional Japanese companies. Lectures will be given on cultural differences, points to note when communicating in Japanese, and pitfalls when interpreting and translating.

We also advise foreign business people with Japanese subordinates on effectively managing Japanese people. In general, there is a tendency to act not by oneself but by external pressure and to have high expectations of the other person, which is different from the Western work style.



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