Introduction of Representative Director, Ryosuke Kuroki

Ryosuke Kuroki has been involved in system design and numerous projects such as management systems, IT, accounting, and human resources at overseas subsidiaries of the Sony Group and the Japanese subsidiary of an Italian apparel brand.

As a corporate-level project leader, he has extensive experience implementing central systems and EC projects. Internationally, he launched subsidiary organizations in China, the United States, and Brazil.

He also participated in acquiring a Japanese company to establish a Japanese subsidiary of a foreign luxury apparel brand in Japan. As an executive member of the company after the acquisition, he has built various systems and trained many staff and managers in business skills and English communication in expanding organizations and growing companies.
He is fluent in English and Chinese.

Major ICT projects

■ Leader of online store platform introduction project (July 2020-September 2023)
Involved in the construction of a new online store platform to be deployed on a global level as an EC construction manager at three companies in the Japan region.

■ System integration project leader (September 2021-May 2022)
As a leader, he led a project to integrate the systems of four Japanese companies under the group into a system that was used uniformly by the group companies.
Implemented central system (inventory, sales, product master, order management functions), POS, and accounting system.

■ Leader of customer data platform (CDP) implementation project (December 2020-August 2021)
CDP was introduced to accumulate customer behavior data online, perform persona analysis from member profile data, and enable efficient advertising and sales promotion activities to appropriate targets.
By developing a smartphone app, setting up MA tool construction, introducing an AI analysis tool, connecting the in-house data warehouse to the CDP, and building a dashboard for reporting with a BI tool, the accuracy of marketing analysis was improved, and the marketing department was able to reduce the person-hours required to making a report to the head office.

■ POS, CRM system switching project (September 2018-March 2021)
As a project manager, oversees a project concept proposal, introduction plan presentation, final vendor decision, project management, and closing.

■ Network reconstruction (June-September 2020)
As countermeasures against recent cyber-attacks targeting large companies, the network configuration was reviewed, and introduce behavior-detecting antivirus software, introduce a cloud-based proxy as a countermeasure for telecommuters, and upgrade the UTM at the gate of the data center. As for endpoint management, the updated status of the asset ledger is reported through monitoring with WSUS and IT asset management tools.

■ Responsible for simultaneous replacement project of the central system and store system (2012-2013)
The central system for managing sales, accounts receivable, inventory, purchases, costs, accounts payable, etc., which had been used since 2001, was replaced with the global central system used at the Italian head office in 2012.


Management Project (2002-2015)

■Defined meeting purpose, participants, and frequency of company-wide meetings such as management meetings, employee communication meetings, and monthly earnings report meetings. This enables us to prepare for the annual meeting calendar and arrange the meetings effectively.

■Designed a monthly financial reporting system
It was a designed report package for the Italian head office. Also, it was prepared for internal use, which included budget performance, profit and loss by store, inventory value changes, cash flow performance, and forecast.

■ Introduction of regulations
It established and introduced HR regulations such as employment regulations, wage, maternity leave, childcare leave, and others accounting for related labor law.


Overseas Projects (April 1994 – July 2001)

■ Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China (April 1994 to March 1998)
Participated in a project to establish a new factory with 850 employees to manufacture and sell flexible printed circuit boards and was assigned as the person in charge of accounting, HR, and general affairs departments. By China’s national laws regarding management, HR, accounting, etc., internal rules such as employment regulations, welfare, cost accounting, and other management systems were made.

■ Pennsylvania, USA (April 1998 to July 2001), It was a thermal transfer ribbon manufacturing and sales company with the top market share in the United States. Since the company was only in its third year of operation and had no internal system in place, it created a report template for monthly financial statements, a stocktaking process manual and guidance, a method for cost accounting by-products, etc. As there were also no internal HR and management written rules in place, approval policies, travel expenses, transportation rules, etc., were made and started to implement.

■ Project leader for establishing a sales subsidiary in Brazil (April 2000 to July 2001)
In charge of a project to establish a sales company in Brazil as a subsidiary of an American corporation, and in January 2001, the company was established in Sao Paulo. After conducting feasibility studies focusing on taxation in Mexico, Argentina, and Manaus, Brazil, the company was finally established in São Paulo. In addition, a local general manager was hired, an office was rented, and the company was registered.


Lecture, media publication


■April 2014 In July 2015, guest speaker at the Management Leader Course sponsored by Nikkei BP, “How to create an organization, how to raise it, in a different environment”

■ June 2015 Interviewed by Nikkei Information Strategy

■August 2016, Interviewed by Nikkei Computer about “CIO’s Eyes, hardships in Working with Italian Culture” -> Media release

■ July 2023 Published “Weekly Report by `Plan&Review'”(Japanese edition) in Amazon Kindle

■ August 2023 Published “Weekly Report by `Plan&Review'”(English edition) in Amazon Kindle

■August 2023 Published “Business English to survive somehow: get through with minimal effort” in Amazon Kindle

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